Christmas 2011

We had a great Christmas at the Ashcroft Home.  The boys got lots of great gifts but the one we all loved the most was the Wii game "Just Dance".  You will see in the pics to come just how awesome dancing can be.

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Get Posted

I have only one thing to blame for my lack of posting.  Reloading.  I am in a stage 3 addiction.  That being said here are some great pics of what has gone on in our lives.  Reese had a birthday.

Reese got baptized. 

Jackie made a great candy table. 

Slumber parties were had.

Jackie, the boys and their cousins made dinner cupcakes. 

The boys played in the irrigation. 

Reese got airborne.

Eligh made a water flower.

Eligh got airborne.

And just lovin life.

Easter with cousins.

That's a naughty wabit.

You rock that bed head.

And it's all just a drop in the bucket.


Trunk or Treat or Not?

Eligh decided to be a Zombie Killer this year for Halloween.  It was just the two of us all weekend because Jackie and Reese went up north to Jo City.  We had a great weekend.  We went to the movies on Friday night with Uncle Brian, Saturday we went shooting at Table Mesa and the trunk or treat in Brian's ward and then trick or treating on Sunday.  Eligh ended up with a ton of candy.  So much that we asked him to share some with Reese.  The ward trunk or treat ended up being inside which was a little strange.  The weather was so nice outside and so much room for the kids to run and get out all there energy.  Eligh got right in and participated the hell out of all the activities.  He had so much fun.  It was a great Halloween. 

Eligh with cousins Kaitlyn and Brooke

"You mess with the die like the rest"!

I guess he thought if he couldn't eat it then he would lick it?

Eligh's smile is great but look at that lady's hair!

Eligh and I had such a great weekend together.  I am so proud of him.


Another Mummy if You Please

Jackie got a great idea online to make these mummified Twinkies.  They were dunked in ganache and then laced with white chocolate.  The eyes are mini M&M's of coarse.  They were fantastic!  We gave them out to some of our neighbors.......I only got a bite of Eligh's.  Definitely a fun treat for everyone to enjoy.

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